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Guy Cohen

Hello from Hong Kong and Look a AAPL's Bull Flag NOW!

by Guy Cohen 30. December 2011 22:44
I've just had a fantastic visit to Hong Kong en route to Sydney for New Year!  Here's a snap of me in front of the Big Buddha.  Suffice to say I manged to pack a lot into the two days I was here ... the food, the sights, the culture ... and more food!  Now back to business ... 20... [More]
Guy Cohen

Workshop DVDs almost ready

by Guy Cohen 19. December 2011 13:35
The workshop DVDs have been edited and will be available for viewing online in the next couple of days for those who've bought.  The physical manuals, DVDs and memory sticks are being shipped by DHL tomorrow.  Regarding bear flags, of those found on Friday, CTRP and STI are breaking d... [More]
Guy Cohen

S&P Bull Flag turns into a Rounded Top

by Guy Cohen 9. December 2011 13:22
S&P bull flag turns into a rounded top in line with the OVI - and The Informed Trader Workshop is Tomorrow! The S&P OVI just couldn't get over par and the bull flag failed.  So as suggested yesterday it's a wait and see.  It's a big weekend for the Eurozone situation and ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Mixed OVI Mirrors Market Indecision

by Guy Cohen 7. December 2011 10:24
Mixed OVI Mirrors Market Indecision - and Just THREE Days until the Informed Trader Workshop! The S&P OVI is still under par, though the index is potentially forming a bull flag pattern as we speak.  AAPL is also potentially forming a bull flag (needs another day to confirm the pa... [More]
Guy Cohen

My Apologies

by Guy Cohen 17. November 2011 10:30
Last week I wrote a guest slot in another publication and mentioned a stock that had emerged from one of my filters.  The stock was PEIX.  I actually wrote the article on 7th November and it was published on 10th November.  On the 7th I also wrote you an email but omitted this stoc... [More]