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Guy Cohen

Use a Simple Trendline

by Guy Cohen 3. February 2012 16:03
The Nasdaq index made another jump today in line with our solid bullish expecations this year.  The OVI has remained positive but now you must manage your trade with a simple trendline, just below which you can adjust your stops day by day.  This will ensure you keep your profits. &nb... [More]
Guy Cohen

Solid Nasdaq

by Guy Cohen 1. February 2012 15:41
The Nasdaq index has looked positive for a while now and its performance has been solid through this earnings season.  QQQObserve the positive (albeit not spectactular) OVI and the steady steps it has taken over the last month.  Each breakout from each step represents a low risk tradi... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Widget is Coming!

by Guy Cohen 26. January 2012 22:23
In the drive to make thing simpler and better, sometimes it's easy to get caught up in creativity, and that's what's been happening with me recently!  Introducing "The Widget" The Widget is a neat summary of the market using our proprietary methods and indicators, namely flags, trends... [More]
Guy Cohen

A Tale of 3 Indices and AAPL

by Guy Cohen 8. January 2012 03:04
The markets are back even if I'm still out in Oz!  This year we'll be looking at how to make the PTC quicker and better.  The 10-minute formula is already a great way to stay on top of the markets and make trades in around 10 minutes per day, but we're already looking at how to improve upo... [More]
Guy Cohen

Happy New Year from Sydney

by Guy Cohen 1. January 2012 14:26
Just a quick message from Sydney to wish you a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2012.  It's a glorious sunny morning here in Sydney and the year is getting off to a delightful start.  I'm already reviewing ways in which we can continue to improve our services.  These... [More]