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Guy Cohen

P1 will save your a$$ ... P2 will change your life!

by Guy Cohen 11. February 2016 19:58
Just to follow on from my note earlier this week.  The markets continue to be ugly, but many of my students continue to thrive in spite of the conditions - you'll see that in the video. This is a bearish market, but it's a "confused" bearish market.  The easy part is that the indices ... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Importance of P1

by Guy Cohen 9. February 2016 13:38
My P1 is so important in this type of hostile market it has made the difference between traders like Alli being profitable and not profitable.  Please see the video here, and absolutely take it to heart.  I cannot emphasise the importance of P1 and P2 enough.  Today's video shows Alli... [More]
Guy Cohen

Survive and Thrive in a Choppy Market

by Guy Cohen 5. February 2016 09:27
This market continues to be challenging, but as I showed on Wednesday, you can survive it and even thrive in it provided you match the right strategies with the conditions AND manage your trades very carefully.  In our language that means setting conservative P1 first profit targets and protect... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reversals or Bears

by Guy Cohen 21. January 2016 11:19
In this market we're either looking at bearish setups or reversals.  Reversals are very simple to identify, find and trade.  However, in this market you must use a trading plan that will protect your profits quickly because the market can easily snap back the other way.  In my filters... [More]
Guy Cohen

Reversals Setting Up Today

by Guy Cohen 15. January 2016 10:10
Every day, the first thing I do is to look at the counts of flags, OVI setups, trends and reversals.  Most of all that is contained in my OVI Dashboard within the OVI Traders Club.  More is coming soon because it's such an important part of my day.  Today I've noticed a large number o... [More]