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Guy Cohen

Well, That Was Annoying!

by Guy Cohen 5. April 2016 09:36
A slow day yesterday, with a notable exception in VA which is to be acquired by Alaska Air.  Here's the annoying thing ... I was going to show you VA in last week's webinar and in my weekend broadcast, but decided against it due to the inconsistent nature of the other a... [More]
Guy Cohen

Choose Carefully, Earnings is Soon!

by Guy Cohen 3. April 2016 11:43
A good week for the markets as we now start to focus on earnings. Several financial stocks are clustering in a sideways formation, many with constructive OVI readings for several weeks.  We should get more clues this week.  Remember to focus on the most obvious opportunities.  De... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility to Come, and Webinar on Tuesday

by Guy Cohen 27. March 2016 21:32
Please register here for my OVI market review webinar on Tuesday at 2pm EST (7pm UK time). The last few days have echoed my thoughts from last week and validated why I'm backing volatility in the next few weeks.  It's still a market with mixed signals, and with earnings around th... [More]
Guy Cohen

Volatility is the Best Bet

by Guy Cohen 20. March 2016 13:11
While the markets have done decently over the last six weeks, my best bet for the next few weeks is an uptick in volatility as we enter a new earnings cycle.  As I mentioned before, mixed signals remain.  Gold is still in that medium term cup and handle with a decent OVI albeit with increa... [More]
Guy Cohen

More Volatility is Assured

by Guy Cohen 3. March 2016 09:47
The markets have improved, but mixed signals remain and if there's one thing I can guarantee, it's that volatility will continue for a while yet! That alone will give us trades provided you know how to play them.  I mentioned QIHU recently in this respect and reference that ... [More]