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Guy Cohen

Caution is Being Richly Rewarded This Earnings

by Guy Cohen 4. November 2016 10:32
It feels like we're winning even though we're in cash! In my previous article I mentioned that this was not a time to be gung ho, and more a time to see how earnings plays out before piling into a position.  The last few days have vindicated this viewpoint to such a level that it f... [More]
Guy Cohen

The NDLS Conundrum That Typifies this Earnings Season

by Guy Cohen 1. November 2016 12:07
As I run through my filters to unearth interesting opportunities, once in a while I'm faced with a conundrum stock that causes me to ponder for a while.   Over the last few days it's been NDLS which has earnings on Thursday 3rd November.  On the positive side: As you ca... [More]
Guy Cohen

Why Stocks Are The Best Securities To Trade

by Guy Cohen 15. October 2016 12:50
Stocks Are The Best Securities To Trade One of the great advantages of using my methods, is that anyone can learn and implement them in very quick time. Trading is ultimately a numbers game and you need to have a method that can beat the odds.  You may wonder why I focus on stocks whe... [More]
Guy Cohen

How to Approach a Setup Like AAPL Right Now

by Guy Cohen 14. October 2016 14:36
AAPL is now forming a mini cup and handle with a persistently positive OVI. Accomplished OVI Traders will also be aware that AAPL's earnings is on the 25th October (previously this had been scheduled for the 27th), and that the broader market is slightly wobbly. Right now I will ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Will Samsung 7's problems be a boost for AAPL?

by Guy Cohen 11. October 2016 12:43
Samsung has a huge repair job on its hands, and I don't mean just to its faulty phones!  I mean to its entire cell phone reputation. So the big question is ... who will benefit from their mis-step, and can we take advantage?  Part of trading is spotting opportunities and acting on the... [More]