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Guy Cohen

Earnings Season Can Inflict Pain

by Guy Cohen 17. January 2014 10:16
Drama yesterday with BBY even though it didn't even report earnings.  Disappointing holiday season sales caused a nasty downgap after the previous day's upward reversal from Wednesday's doji.  C and GS disappointed with their earnings too, while the rest of the market was pretty robust. &n... [More]
Guy Cohen

The Markets are Never Wrong!

by Guy Cohen 16. January 2014 09:14
Hi Everyone BAC and the banking stocks behaved as I suggested they would yesterday.  Take a look at today's video below to see more.  Also there were a couple of Doji bars that reversed - notably VZ which I highlighted yesterday morning.  Finally, I want to make the point th... [More]
Guy Cohen

JPM Sets Financials on Bullish Course - [VIDEO]

by Guy Cohen 15. January 2014 10:00
Hi EveryoneJPM announced earnings yesterday, BAC is today, and the other large financials are reporting this week.  We're well and truly into earnings season, and here's my OVI Market Review Video for today.  Yesterday morning I said I didn't feel Monday's downdraft was anything ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Today's OVI Market Video 2014.01.14

by Guy Cohen 14. January 2014 08:02
Here's my OVI Market Review Video for today.  On Saturday I said the markets were 'underwhelming' ahead of the main part of earnings season.  Yesterday they held true to that statement and had a negative day.  Remember, only trade when things look obvious according to our ru... [More]
Guy Cohen

OViCoPilot - Fills and Spills

by Guy Cohen 24. July 2013 11:28
The OViCoPilot is finding trades, and hopefully it will continue the impressive stats for 2013 and the last five years.  For me this is a long term thing and the CoPilot is ultimately built for my own comfort level.  This email concerns the fact that several of us are getting different fil... [More]