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Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.21 - Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 21. March 2014 10:21
It's a strange market as there are a multitude of head and shoulders (bearish) patterns hovering like clouds, but many OVI readings remain in positive territory. Gold and Silver are taking a rest from their recent heroics and the major equity indices are indecisive at the moment.  As you'l... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.12 - Mr Angry Should be Mr Happy

by Guy Cohen 12. March 2014 06:54
On Monday one of my favourite students, who calls himself Mr Angry, contacted me about the market displaying several doji bars.  I responded by saying he should focus on the financial sector, namely look at GS and JPM for their doji bars from Friday.  I did also mentioned a few insurance s... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.04

by Guy Cohen 4. March 2014 10:43
Last week I mentioned that the markets were driving to new highs but the quality of opportunities was not as good as we'd like.  At the same time Gold and Silver had broken out from their ranges, and were consolidating.  Also, several important stocks were exhibiting bearish head and shoul... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.02.25

by Guy Cohen 25. February 2014 08:20
The S&P and Nasdaq indices are driving to new highs but the quality of opportunities isn't as good as we've been accustomed to recently.  At the same time, Gold and Silver have broken out from their ranges and consolidated.  Seems to me that some big money is betting on a retracement i... [More]
Guy Cohen

Beligerant Markets Showing Resilience

by Guy Cohen 18. February 2014 04:18
I mentioned last week that the markets were making a decent comeback ... this has continued up to Friday's close.  Again the old adage of "Trade what you see" springs to mind.  For now the markets are in a beligerent mood.  All you need to do is cherry pick the most obvious looking op... [More]