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Guy Cohen

Small Signs of Life ... And OVIcopilot v2.0 is on its way!

by Guy Cohen 22. May 2014 11:42
Small signs of life in the markets which do need to be confirmed by price action.  Also, the OVIcopilot v2.0 is to be released imminently.  The new version has been corroborated on with a team of hedge fund analysts in order to bring us in line with institutional standards.  This is u... [More]
Guy Cohen

Not Many Patterns Out There

by Guy Cohen 20. May 2014 08:09
Similar to Friday's email, it's all a bit mixed out there, and not many constructive patterns to take advantage of.  This will change in due course, but just be patient in the meantime.                              ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Markets Wobbly

by Guy Cohen 16. May 2014 07:33
So the Dow and S&P did grind to new highs but couldn't stay there.  As I mentioned last time there were very few bullish setups and markedly more bearish setups.   We have an inconsistent market right now, which means for the main part take a deep breath and let the market sort it... [More]
Guy Cohen

Continued Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 25. March 2014 08:21
Another day and more mixed signals from this market, defined by many bearish patterns and minor support breaks but many positive OVIs as well.  We have earnings in a few weeks' time which should add to the mix.  If in doubt it's fine to sit on the sidelines while the market makes its mind ... [More]
Guy Cohen

OVI Market Update 2014.03.24 - Still Mixed Signals

by Guy Cohen 24. March 2014 09:22
Still mixed signals as I mentioned on Friday's review.  This is perfectly natural, so don't panic if you're not finding too many amazing trades.  They tend to come along like buses ... none for a while and then they all arrive at once! ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : /User controls/CamtasiaPlayer.ascx ... [More