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Guy Cohen

"Sell in May and Go Away" as the old saying goes

by Guy Cohen 20. April 2009 20:48
Hi Everyone We're right in the middle of earnings season and, surprisingly, the markets have held up rather well.  In fact there have been a number of decent bull flags over the last few weeks that have converted to nice profits. However, not for the first time, I would urge some caution and ... [More]
Guy Cohen

Trade What You See

by Guy Cohen 15. April 2009 20:54
Hi Everyone We're right in the middle of earnings season and I'm being asked where the markets are headed. As usual, my reply is "Trade what you see, and don't try to play the soothsayer". Remember Warren Buffett's immortal quote: "Forecasting tells you much about the forecaster, but nothing abou... [More]
Guy Cohen

Let's Get the Stimulus Package Out of the Way

by Guy Cohen 11. February 2009 21:39
Hi Everyone Just a quick note to remind you that while earnings season is pretty much over now, we're still awaiting the final announcements and ratification of the stimulus package. As we saw in the markets today, the market's reaction may well gyrate one way and then then the other as more new... [More]
Guy Cohen

by Guy Cohen 30. January 2009 22:07
Hi Everyone Following my video earlier this week, remember, we're currently in earnings season, and while there are some great looking (bear) flag patterns appearing, make sure you’re completely satisfied that there are no nasty surprises that could affect your trade. In this alert I show yo... [More]
Guy Cohen

Checking Earnings Dates

by Guy Cohen 28. January 2009 22:12
Please click here for my latest video update, which outlines how to check for stocks with earnings, plus new features that will appear in the next 24 hours. Speaking of our commitment to continuing upgrades, we’re currently developing new filters that we’ll be adding into the TradeFinde... [More]