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Guy Cohen

Caution is Being Richly Rewarded This Earnings

by Guy Cohen 4. November 2016 10:32
It feels like we're winning even though we're in cash! In my previous article I mentioned that this was not a time to be gung ho, and more a time to see how earnings plays out before piling into a position.  The last few days have vindicated this viewpoint to such a level that it f... [More]
Guy Cohen

The NDLS Conundrum That Typifies this Earnings Season

by Guy Cohen 1. November 2016 12:07
As I run through my filters to unearth interesting opportunities, once in a while I'm faced with a conundrum stock that causes me to ponder for a while.   Over the last few days it's been NDLS which has earnings on Thursday 3rd November.  On the positive side: As you ca... [More]