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Guy Cohen

Friday's Fallout and Trading Takeovers

by Guy Cohen 11. September 2016 12:44
At the end of today's market review video I run through six charts where a persistently positive OVI preceeded a takeover.  We've seen this happen many times over the years, but it's yet another benefit we see from using the OVI in the way we do.  So do make sure you do watch this part of ... [More]
Guy Cohen

The OVI's Remarkable Takeover Record

by Guy Cohen 9. September 2016 15:39
The OVI has a simply AMAZING record when it comes to companies being taken over.  This phenomenon often dovetails with earnings, for which I have designed pre- and post-earnings strategies to suit all appetites for risk.  If you remember PCYC from last year, that stock jumped by ... [More]